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* I verify that the spelling and content are correct and that I assume responsibility for typographical errors. I am satisfied with the layout. I understand that my order will print as it appears here and that I cannot make any changes once my order is placed.
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Line-by-line Instructions

Name (1 line)
Input your name exactly as you wish it to appear. Do not use formal social titles such as Mr., Mrs., Miss and Ms. If you have a doctorate, you may add "Dr." to the beginning of your name or show your degree abbreviation at the end of your name, but not both. (Yes: Dr. John Doe or John Doe, Ph.D.) (No: Dr. John Doe, Ph.D.) Your name must appear in upper and lower case; no all-caps or all-lowercase names.

Title (up to 2 lines)
Input your primary title on the first line. If your title is too long for one line, continue it on the second line. Although it's not necessary, you may wish to add your office, department or college name on the second line.

How to complete your order
Make sure that all required information is complete. Carefully proof your text and check the box indicating that you certify this info as correct. PRINT this page for your records and click “submit”.



1: Will I see a proof before the name badge is actually printed?
Yes, an on screen proof is presented as information is input.

2: What if I want an accent mark used above a letter(s) in my name?
When the confirmation page appears, print out that page. Make any necessary changes to your text and fax it to the vendor, along with your signature. Fax number is 325-672-5254.

3: How long does it take for my new name badge to arrive?
About three weeks from the day you submit your order confirmation to the vendor. Keep in mind that the name badge will be sent via USPS, so orders placed near major holidays might take a bit longer.

4: How will I know my name badge has arrived?
Completed name badges are sent from the vendor to The Campus Store.  If you are charging your badge to a departmental FOAP number your badge will be delivered directly to you.  If, however, payment will be made via cash or credit card, you will be contacted by The Campus Store when your badge is ready for pick up.  Cash or Credit Card payment will need to be made at the time of pick-up.

5: What if there is a problem with the name badge when I receive it?
Contact Melissa Boisvert with Proforma Promotions Group at 325-672-5559.

6: Can I use an ACU Purchasing Card to pay for my badge?
No, payment will only be accepted via departmental FOAP, cash or personal credit card (VISA or MasterCard).

7: Who gets a copy of the info I submit to the vendor?
Melissa Boisvert of Proforma Promotions Group will automatically get an email with your text in order to verify your information when the cards arrive.